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Alan Birkett
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Katalan Philosophy

We believe it is important to equip participants with varied perspectives, examples, opportunities to question, challenge, experiment and conclude.

Therefore, our style uses experiential learning, facilitation and coaching to encourage delegates to be highly participative in action and reflection.

We seek to integrate learning from theory, past & present experiences, and our own interventions to enable a holistic approach, encompassing the variety of learning styles and experience.

We believe there is a great benefit for participants being enabled to learn from their experience, particularly mistakes, so we seek to provide opportunities for ‘safe’ experimentation where results can be evaluated and consequences minimised.

We are keen to ensure that learning becomes transformational & not a process of acquiring information or knowledge that remains unused.

We discuss & debate the transfer of learning into life & work, we reflect back to previous experience and explore how learning could be used now or in the future.

As a company we pride ourselves on building relationships with clients & delegates that place us as a resource, coach and mentor as well as a tutor.